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Polar Pro DJI Mavic 6 pack Cinema Filters

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This Polar Pro DJI Mavic 6-pack Cinema Filters includes the PolarPro Vivid and Shutter filters for the DJI Mavic Air drone. This 6-pack is part of PolarPro's Cinema filter range for the DJI Mavic Air drone and consists of three combined ND/PL filters and three neutral density (ND) grey filters. You can use these ND/polarising filters to prevent glare and saturate colours in sunny weather, while simultaneously correctly setting the shutter speed of the camera. These PolarPro filters are specifically designed for use on the DJI Mavic Air drone. Combined grey filters and polarising filters The PolarPro Vivid filters are combined grey filters and polarising filters. The Vivid models consist of an ND4/PL filter that reduces 2 f/stops, an ND8/PL filter that corrects 3 stops and an ND16/PL filter that corrects 4 stops. The PolarPro Shutter filters are grey filters with a high correction factor but without the polarising effect. The ND4 filter corrects 2 f/stops of light, the ND8 filter corrects 3 f/stops of light and the ND16 filter corrects 4 f/stops of light. You can use them if there is too much light, for example on a sunny day during winter sports, at sea or in a desert. By using the various filters, the shutter speed is corrected to 1/120 seconds for HD movies (1080/60) or 1/60 seconds for 4K / 30. The polarising effect of the Vivid filters will give your images lively and more saturated colours. Aircraft grade aluminium The PolarPro Cinema filters for the DJI Mavic Air are made of optical glass and are multi-coated. Their AirFrame aluminium construction weighs only 0.59 grams, minimising the load on the drone. The filters come in a plastic hard case. Perfect DJI Mavic Air accessories Grey filters and polarising filters are perfect accessories for the DJI Mavic Air, because, as with normal photo and video cameras, they are necessary to solve certain issues with light. A polarising filter prevents glare and that is very important when shooting near water or in the snow. Grey filters reduce the amount of light hitting the sensor, which prevents overexposed areas in your images. But an ND filter also allows slower shutter speeds, which is important when setting the correct frame rate of the camera. The shutter times for video are simply different than with a photo camera. Features of the Polar Pro DJI Mavic 6-pack Cinema Filters * Set of Polar Pro Vivid and Shutter filters for the DJI Mavic Air drone * Three combined ND/PL filters and three ND grey filters * Prevents glare and reflections when it’s sunny * One ND4/PL filter, one ND8/PL filter and one ND16/PL filter * One ND4 filter, one ND8 filter and one ND16 filter * Filters solve certain issues with light In the box * 1x ND4/PL filter * 1x ND8/PL filter * 1x ND16/PL filter * 1x ND4 filter * 1x ND8 filter * 1x ND16 filter * 1x Filter case


Altid den rigtige eksponering Disse 6-pack filtre består af to sæt med 3 typer filtre hver. De levende modeller består af et ND4 / PL filter, der reducerer 2 f / stop lidt, et ND8 / PL filter, der korrigerer 3 stop og et ND16 / PL filter, der korrigerer 4 stop. Lukkeren filtre er gråfiltre med høj korrigeringsfaktor, men uden polarisationseffekt. ND8-filteret korrigerer 3 f / stop let, ND16-filteret korrigerer 4 f / stop let og ND32-filteret tager 5 stop lidt. ND4 / PL-filteret kan f.eks. Anvendes med en lille overeksponering som f.eks. Skyer, i meget solrigt vejr kan ND32 bruges. Ud over det solrige vejr er filtre også ideelle til billeder og skud over vand og sne. Med denne 6-pak har du altid det rigtige filter til hvert øjeblik.

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Polar Pro DJI Mavic 6 pack Cinema Filters

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